Barren Victory, Scenario 1 “The First Day” – Session 4

Welcome back to the AAR for Barren Victory, “The First Day”.  And now… session 4.

 USA 11:00 am

As you may recall, Forrest overran the Reserve Corps HQ, pushing them into an emergency corps retreat.  Wilder has held up Hood’s avance on 14th Corps rear long enough for 14th Corps to trap Forrest and prepare for Hood’s 1st Corps to approach.

Stevens’ 1/Res Division gets intiative and issues a divisional goal to 1/Res.  This gets 1 of the Reserve Divisions out of defensive mode and on the move.  Two divisions of 14th Corps close in on Forrest, but Forrest’s boys are tough.  They manage to push back the Federal attack.



At the South end of the map, near Lee & Gordon’s Mill, 2/20 Division gains initiative and they begin to set up a defensive line in an attempt to hold back Polk’s remaining divisions, should they begin to advance across the Chickamauga.

Meanwhile, Wilder and his cavalry Division are making like difficult for Hood’s 1st corps along the Lafayette Road.  They swoop in and destroy the 1st Corps supply wagon. 

CSA 11:00 am

Things start off rather interesting for the Confederates 11:00 am turn.  F-Cav rolls for Corps Attack Stoppage and fails.  This means that the entire division must be out of small arms range at the end of the movement phase.  This is fortunate for Forrest and his boys because they are taking a beating.  The terrain is good for a defensive position and they may just be able to hold out long enough for Hood to arrive and help out.

Over at Lee & Gordons Mill, C/P Division tries for and gets initiative; Not a moment too soon for the Confederates.  With Hindman’s Division decimated, the Federals have the upper hand and reinforcements are coming shortly.  Cheatam issues an initiative order to his Division:

Cheatam to C/P Division – Initiative, 11:00 am

“Cross the Chickamauga and support Stuart (S/B Division) in securing the roads South of the Lafayette Road”

Walker tries for and gains initiative for his Reserve Corps.  This is very fortunate for the Confederates.  His two Divisions will now be able to press 14th Corps from the West.  If only Hood could get moving, but he is still being harassed by Wilder on the Lafayette Road.

Cheatam’s C/P Division has been sitting by and watching Hindman (H/P) get torn apart with 1 Brigade eliminated and 2 Brigades along with the Division wrecked.  Now they are more than ready to “open the ball”.



Next up… 11:30

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  1. Great AAR, good reading.

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