CWB Regimental Sub-Series, Session 1

Welcome to the first session AAR for my PBEM game with Keith Todd.  As you may have seen in my other ongoing AAR of Barren Victory, The Battle of Chickamauga, this will be a nice way to compare the gaming differences between the brigade series  and the regimental series.

We are playing a scenario from “This Terrible Sound”, the second game in The Gamer’s/MMP Regimental Sub-Series of their popular Civil War Brigade Series.  I do plan to do an article on the Sub-Series, for those that are not familiar with it or who have not tried it out.

We are playing the game via Email using Aid de Camp II (ADCII).  This is my first real attempt at using ADCII.  Keith and I started a smaller scenario to work out the bugs, but this is the real deal.

This Terrible Sound

The Battle of Chickimauga, September 20th 1863 

Scenario 6.5 “Polk vs. Thomas”

For those not familiar with the battle, this is the second day of the battle and Polk’s confederates have started to push East and have run into a well positioned and well fortified Thomas.  Historically, Thomas held firm, but since I am playing Polk, my hope is to alter history a bit 🙂

The game opens at 8:00 am –

The Confederate have orders at the beginning of the game.  Some of these orders are in delay status.  This means that the Confederate player must roll for acceptance each turn during the command phase before acting on the order.

Pre-Game orders for the CSA are as follows –

  • H Corps is ordered to attack at once to clear the Lafayette Road
    • B/H Division is ordered to capture the McDonald Field and flank the Union line for the North
    • C/H Division is ordered to launch a frontal attack against the line along Kelly Field.  This order is in a D5 status, meaning that the player must roll a 5 or a 6 on a d6 to accept and activate the order
  • The Reserve Corps have an order to support H Corps.  This order is in D6 status meaning the player must roll a 6 on a d6 to accept and activate the order
  • C/P Division has orders to act as wing reserve and await further orders
  • S/B Division is ordered to attack the Poe Field.  This order is in a D6 status
  • F/Cav is ordered to advance with B/H Divison and protect its Northern flank with the help of 10 Conf/S/P/F Cav which is attached to D/P/F Cav

CSA 0800 –

With the orders above, H Corps drop there haversacks and begin to march forward into battle.   Reserve Corps rolls for order acceptance on its D6 order and rolls a 6.  The order is accepted and they are moving out in support of H Corps.

The Union works look very formidable. 



USA 0800

The Federal player also has several pre-game orders.  Those are as follows:

  • 14th Corps is ordered to defend the line of the Lafayette Road from the McDonald House to the Brotherton House and Field
  • 2/20 Division is attached to 14 Corps
  • 2/21 Division is attached to 14 Corps
  • 1/2/14 has orders to defend the Union flank in the McDonald Field
  • The rest of 2/14 has orders to moved to Snodgrass Field and await further orders 

 CSA 0815

F/Cav takes up positions on the North end of McDonald Field and take a few long range shots from the Federal troops on the left flank of the Union line.  B/H Division moves in column East approaching McDonald Field and sets up lines of battle across the defending Federals


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  1. Hey this is neat! I will be able to see my good moves and bad moves as well as yours!


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