CWB Regimental Sub-Series AAR – A Preview

My good gaming buddy Keith Todd and I are just about ready to begin a “Play By Email” (PBEM) game from the wonderful game by the Gamer’s/MMP called “This Terrible Sound”. 

We have decided on scenario 6.5, “Polk vs. Thomas”.  This is one of the mid-sized scenarios from the game and it looks to be a good one.   Here is the description of the scenario borrowed right out of the book:

On the mornng of the 20th, Polk’s tardy attacks finally commenced against Thomas’ well sited line around the Kelly Field.  Despite repeated attacks and a temporary flank crisis near the McDonald House, Thomas’ line held firm.

You may know by now or have guessed that this game is yet another that takes place at Chickamagua.  We seem to have a little theme going here 🙂  I find it to be a fascinating battle and I look forward not only to the game but to learning more about the actual events.

My thanks to Keith Todd for the great games we have played so far, and for diving into a large effort such as this.  Look for Keith’s link on my blog roll.  Those in the gaming community may know of him, and I have been fortunate enough to get to know him.  My first PBEM game was with Keith and he was very patient as I learned and a great teacher.  Thanks Keith!

 Here is a quick screen shot of the Confederate setup at the beginning of the game.  There will be more to come before I get into blogging the action.  Look for a quick write up on the CWB Regimental Sub-Series (RSS) as well as a write up on the different PBEM options available to gamers.


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  1. Hey, you should update this and show them how you are slaughtering my forces :>)

    I guess Brett’s blog is no longer to be,


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