Barren Victory, Scenario 1 “The First Day” – Session 5

After a short holiday break, welcome back to the AAR for Barren Victory, “The First Day”. And now… session 5.

USA 11:30 amThe action picks up along the Lafayette Road with Wilder still harrassing Hood’s 1st Corps. 3/21 Division has gained intitiative and joins in with Wilder. Together they manage to flank the B/H/1 brigade and wreck it. This causes a hasty retreat. It is becoming evident that Hood’s 1st Corps may not be able to advance on the Union 14th Corps afterall.



At Lee and Gordon’s Mill, the 2nd Division of the 20th Corps mounts a counter attack in an attempt to push back the advancing rebels as they attempt to cross the Chickamauga. With two brigades, the Federals attempt to close in on the assaulting S/B Division.




CSA 11:30 amAs you may recall, Forrest failed a Corps Attack Stoppage in the 11:00 hour. This force his division back and out of small arms range, leaving him without orders; In essense, defending in place. Forrest attempts to gain initiative but ends up with a Loose Cannon result. When this occurs in the game, the opposing commander gets an opportunity to issue the orders to the Loose Cannon General. In this situation, the opposing player orders Forrest to withdraw to the North.



Walker’s Reserve Corps have been on the move since obtaining initiative orders at 11:00 am. It is apparent now that they are headed East toward the Rossville Road and the Union 14th Corps. Lead elements of Walker’s men engage the Federals at the junction. This could get interesting because several brigades of the 14th Corps have moved North in pursuit of Forrest’s remaining, mangeled, cavalry.



USA 12:00 pmThe Federal 1/20 Division entered the battlefield in the 10:30 hour with reinforcement orders to join the 14th Corps. In an effort to devert from those orders and support Wilder’s raid on the Confederate 1st Corps, 1/20 attempts to gain initiative, but fails. As Wilder continues to press the attack on Hood, 1/20 continue their march past the action near Snodgrass Hill and toward the 14th Corps.

Near Missionary Ridge, 3/14 and 4/14 continue to chase Forrest. Forrest’s boys are so beat up at this point that they are losing the ability to fight back effectively and they are so outnumbered that the Federals are easily outflanking them. A massive assault routes A/A/F.



CSA 12:00 pmAfter rolling a Loose Cannon at 11:30, Forrest again tries for and gains initiative. Rather that order his troops to fall back, Forrest has another trick up his sleeve. He will attempt to draw some of the Union forces away from Walker’s reserves and hope that they will attack him while he holds the higher ground using the defensive atvantage of the slopes and extreme slopes in the foothills.

Forrest to F-Cav- Initiative, 12:00 pm

“Fall back to the foothills of Rossville gap and attempt to draw the union toward you and away from the Reserve Corps”

Walker’s reserves are now fully engaged at the crossroads and are starting to inflict damage on elements of the 14th Corps and the 1/Res Division . Walker extends his battle lines out in order to maximize the fire power of his small Reserve Corps.



Next up… 12:30 pm


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Barren Victory, Scenario 1 “The First Day” – Session 4

Welcome back to the AAR for Barren Victory, “The First Day”.  And now… session 4.

 USA 11:00 am

As you may recall, Forrest overran the Reserve Corps HQ, pushing them into an emergency corps retreat.  Wilder has held up Hood’s avance on 14th Corps rear long enough for 14th Corps to trap Forrest and prepare for Hood’s 1st Corps to approach.

Stevens’ 1/Res Division gets intiative and issues a divisional goal to 1/Res.  This gets 1 of the Reserve Divisions out of defensive mode and on the move.  Two divisions of 14th Corps close in on Forrest, but Forrest’s boys are tough.  They manage to push back the Federal attack.



At the South end of the map, near Lee & Gordon’s Mill, 2/20 Division gains initiative and they begin to set up a defensive line in an attempt to hold back Polk’s remaining divisions, should they begin to advance across the Chickamauga.

Meanwhile, Wilder and his cavalry Division are making like difficult for Hood’s 1st corps along the Lafayette Road.  They swoop in and destroy the 1st Corps supply wagon. 

CSA 11:00 am

Things start off rather interesting for the Confederates 11:00 am turn.  F-Cav rolls for Corps Attack Stoppage and fails.  This means that the entire division must be out of small arms range at the end of the movement phase.  This is fortunate for Forrest and his boys because they are taking a beating.  The terrain is good for a defensive position and they may just be able to hold out long enough for Hood to arrive and help out.

Over at Lee & Gordons Mill, C/P Division tries for and gets initiative; Not a moment too soon for the Confederates.  With Hindman’s Division decimated, the Federals have the upper hand and reinforcements are coming shortly.  Cheatam issues an initiative order to his Division:

Cheatam to C/P Division – Initiative, 11:00 am

“Cross the Chickamauga and support Stuart (S/B Division) in securing the roads South of the Lafayette Road”

Walker tries for and gains initiative for his Reserve Corps.  This is very fortunate for the Confederates.  His two Divisions will now be able to press 14th Corps from the West.  If only Hood could get moving, but he is still being harassed by Wilder on the Lafayette Road.

Cheatam’s C/P Division has been sitting by and watching Hindman (H/P) get torn apart with 1 Brigade eliminated and 2 Brigades along with the Division wrecked.  Now they are more than ready to “open the ball”.



Next up… 11:30

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CWB Regimental Sub-Series, Session 1

Welcome to the first session AAR for my PBEM game with Keith Todd.  As you may have seen in my other ongoing AAR of Barren Victory, The Battle of Chickamauga, this will be a nice way to compare the gaming differences between the brigade series  and the regimental series.

We are playing a scenario from “This Terrible Sound”, the second game in The Gamer’s/MMP Regimental Sub-Series of their popular Civil War Brigade Series.  I do plan to do an article on the Sub-Series, for those that are not familiar with it or who have not tried it out.

We are playing the game via Email using Aid de Camp II (ADCII).  This is my first real attempt at using ADCII.  Keith and I started a smaller scenario to work out the bugs, but this is the real deal.

This Terrible Sound

The Battle of Chickimauga, September 20th 1863 

Scenario 6.5 “Polk vs. Thomas”

For those not familiar with the battle, this is the second day of the battle and Polk’s confederates have started to push East and have run into a well positioned and well fortified Thomas.  Historically, Thomas held firm, but since I am playing Polk, my hope is to alter history a bit 🙂

The game opens at 8:00 am –

The Confederate have orders at the beginning of the game.  Some of these orders are in delay status.  This means that the Confederate player must roll for acceptance each turn during the command phase before acting on the order.

Pre-Game orders for the CSA are as follows –

  • H Corps is ordered to attack at once to clear the Lafayette Road
    • B/H Division is ordered to capture the McDonald Field and flank the Union line for the North
    • C/H Division is ordered to launch a frontal attack against the line along Kelly Field.  This order is in a D5 status, meaning that the player must roll a 5 or a 6 on a d6 to accept and activate the order
  • The Reserve Corps have an order to support H Corps.  This order is in D6 status meaning the player must roll a 6 on a d6 to accept and activate the order
  • C/P Division has orders to act as wing reserve and await further orders
  • S/B Division is ordered to attack the Poe Field.  This order is in a D6 status
  • F/Cav is ordered to advance with B/H Divison and protect its Northern flank with the help of 10 Conf/S/P/F Cav which is attached to D/P/F Cav

CSA 0800 –

With the orders above, H Corps drop there haversacks and begin to march forward into battle.   Reserve Corps rolls for order acceptance on its D6 order and rolls a 6.  The order is accepted and they are moving out in support of H Corps.

The Union works look very formidable. 



USA 0800

The Federal player also has several pre-game orders.  Those are as follows:

  • 14th Corps is ordered to defend the line of the Lafayette Road from the McDonald House to the Brotherton House and Field
  • 2/20 Division is attached to 14 Corps
  • 2/21 Division is attached to 14 Corps
  • 1/2/14 has orders to defend the Union flank in the McDonald Field
  • The rest of 2/14 has orders to moved to Snodgrass Field and await further orders 

 CSA 0815

F/Cav takes up positions on the North end of McDonald Field and take a few long range shots from the Federal troops on the left flank of the Union line.  B/H Division moves in column East approaching McDonald Field and sets up lines of battle across the defending Federals


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CWB Regimental Sub-Series AAR – A Preview

My good gaming buddy Keith Todd and I are just about ready to begin a “Play By Email” (PBEM) game from the wonderful game by the Gamer’s/MMP called “This Terrible Sound”. 

We have decided on scenario 6.5, “Polk vs. Thomas”.  This is one of the mid-sized scenarios from the game and it looks to be a good one.   Here is the description of the scenario borrowed right out of the book:

On the mornng of the 20th, Polk’s tardy attacks finally commenced against Thomas’ well sited line around the Kelly Field.  Despite repeated attacks and a temporary flank crisis near the McDonald House, Thomas’ line held firm.

You may know by now or have guessed that this game is yet another that takes place at Chickamagua.  We seem to have a little theme going here 🙂  I find it to be a fascinating battle and I look forward not only to the game but to learning more about the actual events.

My thanks to Keith Todd for the great games we have played so far, and for diving into a large effort such as this.  Look for Keith’s link on my blog roll.  Those in the gaming community may know of him, and I have been fortunate enough to get to know him.  My first PBEM game was with Keith and he was very patient as I learned and a great teacher.  Thanks Keith!

 Here is a quick screen shot of the Confederate setup at the beginning of the game.  There will be more to come before I get into blogging the action.  Look for a quick write up on the CWB Regimental Sub-Series (RSS) as well as a write up on the different PBEM options available to gamers.


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Barren Victory, Scenario 1 “The First Day” – Session 3

Well if you are following the battle thus far, you are getting a treat.  The fighting has been concentrated in the area of Lee and Gordon’s Mill for the most part.  Elements of Crittenden’s 21st Corps have beaten back the lone assault by Hindman’s H/P Brigade. 

Thomas and the 14th Corps have pulled out of the area around Jay’s Mill and are falling back to Roseville Road with orders to link up with the Union Reserve Corps. 

On the Confederate side, Hood, who initially had no orders, accepted orders from Bragg and is currently marching North on the Roseville Road with orders to cut off Thomas and his 14th Corps. 

Forrest was able to gain initiative for F-Cav and is now riding full speed towards Missionary Ridge with orders to intercept Thomas as well.  The Confederates are hoping to catch the Union 14th Corps from two sides and crush them in a vise.

And now we continue with session 3 –

USA 10:00 am –

Granger’s Reserve Corps rolls for initiative and issues orders to advance West away from its defensive position at Missionary Ridge in an attempt to block F-Cav from flanking Thomas who has been marching North on the Roseville Road. 

One Division of Crittenden’s 21st Corps is still fighting it out with Hindmen’s remaining two brigades near the bridge at Lee’s Mill.  They have managed to severely cripple the rebels and are attempting to finish them off.  But at a cost;  1/21 Division is wrecked with one brigade routed and another pushed back out of the fight.

Meanwhile, along the Roseville Road, Wilder’s “Mounted Infantry” have attacked Hoods Division, interrupting their march to cut off Thomas.  This is more of a delaying tactic and although Wilder gets pushed back from the initial defensive fire of Hood’s 1st Corps, the tactic works; Buying time for Thomas to prepare for F-Cav coming in from the East.



CSA 10:00 am –

Seizing a great opportunity, and in his typical aggressive, dashing style, Forrest overruns the Union Reserve Headquarters.  This triggers an emergency corps retreat for the Reserve Corps.  Those familiar with CWBS game rules know that this is not a great situation for the Union.  Not only does the HQ have to move back 6-12 movement points, but all the other units in the Corps must conduct straggler checks and move back far enough to stay in command radius.  Fortunately for the Union, the terrain is so hilly and wooded in this area, that 6 movement points may only be a hex or two.  Regardless the retreating HQ is now considered without orders and defending in place.  This manouver seriously hampers the Union strategy in this corner of the map.  Having read of Nathan Bedford Forrest’s real-life exploits, it’s cool to see it happen in a game.

Stewart’s Division of Buckner’s Corps rolls for initiative and after attempting to gain initiative every turn in the game, finally succeeds.  Seeing an opportunity at Lee and Gordon’s Mill after one Division of 21st Corps pulls out of the fight with H/P Brigade, Stewart issues the following order to his Division:

Order #5 [10:00 am] Initiative, Stewart

“Move S/B Division to Lafayette Road and attack the 21st Corps at Lee’s Mill”

With that order S/B Division move out and begin to move toward Lafayette Road as the sounds of battle start getting louder and louder as they approach Lee’s Mill.  Little do they know at this point, that they have the very rare opportunity to assault the rear of a Union Division.  With the remnants of a Brigade of Hindman’s Division in front of them and the Chickamauga to their left, the 21st Corps will face a very real chance of getting decimated.

USA 10:30 am –

After having their HQ overrun by “that devil” Forrest, the Union Reserve Corps is forced to retreat, taking with it a few of it’s brigades in order to remain in command radius.  Fortunately for the Reserve Corps, Wilder was able to delay Hood’s Corps on the Rosseville Road near Snodgrass Hill.  This buys enough time for Thomas’ 14th Corps to close in on Forrest.  It looks like Forrest’s gamble may prove to be fatal.  In an attempt to put the 14th Corps in a vice, Forrest himself ends up in a vice.



CSA 10:30 am –

Near Missionary Ridge, Forrest is engaging the Union Reserve Corps in hopes of capitalizing on the bold move to overrun thier HQ.  Forrest is hoping to keep the massive Corps at bay long enough for Hood to arrive from the South on the Roseville Road.  Forrest is getting concerned at this point, because Hood should have arrived by now.  What could be holding him up?  As a precaution, Forrest leaves a battery of artillery behind, covering the approach from the Roseville Road.  This decision would prove to be most fortunate because Forrest’s worst fears are becoming a reality.  Hood has not arrived and Thomas is marching an entire Division on his left flank.  Now Forrest is caught between the vice of two Union Divisions.  The guns are able to push back the initial probing units of Thomas’ Corps, buying Forrest (and Hood) a little much needed time.

Over at Lee’s Mill, the remaining shambles of Hindman’s Division are barely hanging on.  As luck would have it, they can’t seem to get a Corps Attack Stoppage even though they need a 9+ roll to keep fighting.  On they battle.

Just as all seems lost for Hindman, Stewart’s Division of Buckner’s Corps (S/B) assualts the Union 21st from the rear.  Two artillery batteries are caught limbered and flanked, giving S/B all kinds of wonderful mods on their attack rolls.  Despite this, the dice are not friendly and S/B is not able to inflict much damage.  They are still in outstanding position for the next round of combat though.



Look for Session 4, 11:00 am coming soon…

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Barren Victory, Scenario 1 “The First Day” – Session 2

Welcome back to the After Action Report for Scenario 1, “The First Day” of The Gamer’s Civil War Brigade Series game Barren Victory.  I didn’t really elaborate much in the first installment, but this AAR is taken from a face-to-face (FtF) game that I am currently playing with a buddy of mine, Terry.  This is his second time playing CWBS; In fact the second time he has played a war game of any sort.  He is several years younger than I am, and didn’t even know they existed.  I’m excited about introducing him to the hobby, but even more excited about seeing the younger generation taking an interest in history; Specifically the American Civil War. 

And now to continue on with our little battle… 

Near the Chickamauga River  on September 19th, 1963

USA 0900 –

After some minor skirmishing, Thomas and his 14th Corps decide that the rebels are holding too strong a position.  Thomas was not expecting a full division of cavalry and 2 divisions of the Reserve Corps to be waiting at Jay’s Mill.  Thomas attempts and gains initiative, issuing new orders to his Corps and they begin to pull out toward the East.  Thomas has decided to pull back and join the Reserve Corps at Missionary Ridge.



Back at Lee & Gordon’s Mill, the 1st and 3rd Brigades of 21 Corps have survived the flank attack by Hindman’s H/P Brigade.  They have regrouped and and are mounting a counter attack in an attempt to push Hindman back across the bridge or possibly even crush them all together.



CSA 0900 –

Hindman’s H/P Division are putting up a stiff fight at Lee and Gordon’s Mill, but at a cost.  Manigault’s (M/P/H) and Anderson’s (A/P/H) Brigades suffer heavy losses and are wrecked. 



Meanwhile, Bragg attempts to get some of his other troops moving and into the action.  All of Bragg’s Division and Corps commanders attempt to gain initiative, but fail.  Fortunately for the Confederates, Bragg got on his horse early in the day and road to Hood’s HQ’s to deliver and order for the 1st Corps in person.  Bragg’s order is accepted by Hood and the 1st Corps begins to move.  Here is how the order reads:

Order #1 [0900] Bragg to Hood

“Advance 1st Corps to Roseville Road.  Cut off and attempt to flank the Union 14th Corps near the McDonald House”

1st Corps collects their gear, unstacks arms and begins marching toward Roseville road.  Despite the anxiety of the almost certain combat that awaits them, after listening the the growing roar of combat coming from the South near Lee and Gordon’s Mills, they are happy to be on the move.  However, much to their surprise, they are moving North away from the sounds of battle.  Is Bragg retreating?  Are the Yanks rolling up our left flank and coming our way?

After reaching Roseville road, the Confederate 1st Corps has to stop and form up for battle because Wilder’s Brigade has taken up position with an artillery battery just East of the Roseville Road.  Wilder’s Brigade is very formidable.  They are armed with Spencer rifles and they are much more adept at infantry tactics than most Cavalry units. 



USA 0930 –Back at Lee and Gordon’s Mill, the Union 3rd Division of the 21st Corps attempts and gains initiative to change it’s orders to defend the roads East of the Chickamauga. This leaves only the 1st and 2nd Divisions to repulse the attack of the now crippled Confederate H/P Division. The fighting continues on that front. M/H/P is routed and forced to retreat back 3 hexes. With the river to the West and the map edge behind them, M/H/P is forced off the map edge. The remaining strength points of the division are marked off as stragglers and they are placed in the Dead Pool; Out of the action for now.

Granger’s Reserve Corps begin moving away from Missionary Ridge and start moving West, back towards the Roseville Road. It appears that they are looking to intercept Hood’s Division en route.

CSA 0930 –At Jay’s Mill, Forrest’s F-Cav attempts and gains initiative. Much to the releaf of Forrest, he is now able to mount up and move out. After seeing Thomas’ 14th Corps suddenly pull out, the agressive Forrest is anxious to get back into the fray. Here is how the order reads:

Order #5 [0930] Forrest to F-Cav (initiative)

” Move F-Cav East to the Bacon House and attempt to prevent 14th Corps from falling back to Missionary Ridge”

Forrest’s cavalry troups mount up and begin to chase after Thomas’ 14th Corps.

Coming Up Next… 10:00 am!

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Welcome to Civil War Gaming After Action Reports!

Welcome to my little corner of the web.  I have no idea if anyone but me will ever find this interesting, but I’m going to give it a shot and see if there is any interest.

And now a little about me and the reasons behind this blog.  I’m a big American Civil War buff.  This little foray into history started innocently enough when, last year at Christmas, my unlce gave me his 10-year collection of Civil War Times magazines.  Well, needless to say I devoured those and found that I was fascinated with the history of how this great nation fought bitterly to preserve, or depending on what side you look at, divide itself.  It amazes me that a little over 150 years ago, our country was divided and our ancestors were slaughtering each other. 

Reading and learning about the Civil War just did not seem to “scratch the itch” for me.  I wanted to experience it.  I wanted to get a taste for what it must have been like.  There are an endless number of fascinating characters that surfaced during the our Civil War.  I wanted to feel what it must have been like to be in their shoes.

This led me to war gaming.  In my late 30’s now, I remember war games as a kid.  I tried a few out, but never really got interested in them.  They seemed complicated and all the rules you had to learn seemed like a lot of work.  I’ve always enjoyed gaming though.  When Dungeons and Dragons hit the scene, I loved it.  I jumped in with both feet.  I even tried creating games of my own. 

Of course then computer games started becoming available, and Dungeons and Dragons faded away from popularity.  Along with it, the war gaming industry all but died out.  I’ve tried a few of the Civil War computer games on the market, and there are a couple of good ones.  I would highly recommend the two titles from Mad Minute Games.  They are fantastic.  I own both of them and have played them quite a bit.  But something was missing.  The detail and playability are awesome, and the computer does a lot of the work for you, but still I was not satisfied.

I decided to try and find an old-fashioned hex and cardboard war game of the Civil War, just to see if I could get the level of realism and detail that I was craving.  I started by trying a game called “Across Five Aprils”.  Although simplistic, I found I was on to something.  There was something different here; Something not captured by a computer game.  There was tangible, touchable, pleasantly “low-tech” charm in this type of gaming.  Being able to see the map and being able to move the little cardboard brigades around, brought with it a feeling of realness, that a computer game just could not do for me.

I had to have more.  I stumbled across a game called “No Better Place to Die”.  It is published by Multi-Man Publishing (MMP) and originally designed by The Gamers.  This game is one of the Civil War Brigade Series games.  I struck gold.  This series of games was exactly what I was looking for!  It is a tactical level system.  The heart of the game is it’s (sometimes maligned) orders system.  Although criticized at times, the orders system is what really sets this series apart from any others that I know of.  It adds the depth and realism and texture to the entire gaming experience.  Without it, the game is just moving cardboard around and rolling dice.

 No Better Place to Die 

Although frustrating at times, the orders system works very well.  As part of the overall command system, unit’s (Corps, Divisions or Brigades) operate off of written orders.  In some cases those orders are given at the start of the game in the scenario rules, and at other times, orders are issued by the player.  Successfully operating withing the command rules is the key to winning this game.  It also serves to give a really good impression of what it must have been like to command these armies in combat during the middle of the 19th century.  In short, this series of games has “scratched the itch” for me. 

If you are a Civil War buff, I highly encourage you to check these games out.  They literally make history come alive.  Have you ever wondered what may have happened at Gettysburg if Stonewall Jackson had not been injured and subsequently died after Chancellorsville?  Well with this series of games you can explore that.  What if Longstreet had been allowed to move South and try to flank the Union left on the second day of Gettysburg?  Would Picket’s Charge have been deemed necessary?  Now you can try it out.

Along with the Civil War Brigade Series (CWBS) games, I have begun playing the Great Campaigns of the American Civil War (GCACW) games.  As this blog progresses, I will be providing AAR’s for those games as well.  I am still learning, but find that this series of games is outstanding.  They are more operational than tactical.  Instead of focusing on the command and control issues at the tactical level like the CWBS games, these games focus on the operational strategies of the war as well as managing your armie’s resources and troops.  The game system is very unique and elegant.  There is a huge following of gamers playing this system.  I must say that I have a ton of respect for those folks that play these games so well.  I find them extremely challenging and have yet to even come close to winning a game.  The level of strategy and tactics is amazing.  The maps are works of art.  The detail of the scenarios and historical background is very impressive.  Owning this series of games provides a person with literally a solid historical reference to the entire Eastern theatre of the Civil War.  I am looking forward to more games and improving my skill at the GCACW series of games.

Stonewall Jackson’s Way

Finally there is the Regimental Sub-Series for the CWBS games.  Just when I thought that the CWBS games could not get any better, I discover that there is another set of games from the Gamer’s/MMP.  This sub-series uses the same basic rules of the Brigade Series, but carries it down to the Regimental level.  It’s like CWBS on steroids.  I absolutely love it.  Currently there are 3 games in the series; This Hallowed Ground (I do not own it and I actaully believe the title is an indication as to how valuable this game is as it regularly sells on ebay for $150 or more), This Terrible Sound (I own this one) and A Fearful Slaughter (I own this one as well).  There is a new title (South Mountain) on pre-order at MMP that I am anxiously awaiting.

This Terrible Sound

My plan for this blog is to discuss After Action Reports from the different games that I am playing.  I may also do reviews of the different games and discuss stratagies and tactics as well.

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After Action Report – CWBS Barren Victory, Scenario 1

After Action Report – Barren VictoryThe Gamers, Inc.Civil War Brigade Series, Game #4Scenario 1: The First Day (0730 to 0830)

It’s September 19th, 1863. The game starts at 7:30 am. The setting is in the area of the Chickimauga Creek in Georgia. Braxton Bragg has laid a trap for Rosecrans and his army in hopes of crushing the Union forces and cutting off Rosecrans from Chattanooga. The terrain is heavily wooded, so range and visibility are limited. Control of the roads and bridges that cross the Chickimauga are critical for continued military operations in the area.

Two divisions of Thomas’ 14th Corps are avancing toward Jay’s Mill along the Brotherton Road, expecting to encounter a lone brigade of Confederates, but instead ran directly into an entire division of Forrest’s cavalry. The 1st and 3rd Divisions of Thomas’ 14th Corps have orders to attack and destroy Confederate forces around Jay’s Mill. Forrest’s F Cavalry Division has orders to defent Jay’s Mill and more importantly, Reed’s bridge to the East. Forrest is supported by two divisions of the Reserve Corps with orders to support the defense of Jay’s Mill.

Meanwhile, at Lee and Gordon’s Mill, The Confederate P Corps commmanded by Polk are without orders accross the Chickimauga from Crittenden and the Union 21st Corps. The 21st Corps has orders to defend the bridge accross the Chickimauga and the roads behind it to allow the rest of the Union army to arrive.

USA 0730 – Thomas begins moving the 1st and 3rd Divisions of 14th Corps East towards Jay’s Mill. Braird’s 1st Division splits away and moves South East to try and get around to the South side of Jay’s Mill, thinking that there may be an opportunity to flank the Rebels. The Union Reserve Corps are without orders but after a successfull attempt at gaining initiative, the entire corps begins to move Northwest along the Rosseville Road. CSA 0730 – Hindman’s Division of Polk’s P Corps, as well as several batteries of artillery begin hammering away at various brigades of the 21st Corps. The fighting is relitively light, resulting in a few casualties and one brigade moving back disorganized.0730-0830-image_1.JPG


USA 0800 – The Union Reserve Corps continue their march toward Missionary ridge, apparently to set up a defensive perimeter around the map edge on the Rosseville road. This scenario awards 7 victory points for this entry area, making it a nice objective to hold.0730-0830-image_2.JPG 


CSA 0800 – Seeing an opportunity to cross the bridge at Lee & Gordon’s Mill, H/P Division (Hindman) rolls for and gets initiative. He issues orders to his division to cross the bridge and attack the right flank of 21st corps to secure Lee’s Mill and the roads leading through it. The plan works well, and H/P is able to cross and gain the flank of 1/21; Routing one brigade and pushing another back, skaken.




USA 0830 – Braird’s 1/14 Division moves to the South East in an attempt to flank the left of F-Cav’s line at Jay’s Mill. Unfortunately for Briard’s division, L/Reserve is on the march to take up the slack on the left side of the confederate line. Back at Lee and Gordon’s Mill, the 21st Corps begins to fall back and close up the gaps in the line. Crittenden now faces a tough decision. Should he try to mount a counter attack to push the rebels back across the bridge? Or, should he try to hold his ground and wait for reinforcements?




CSA 0830 – Two brigades of Liddell’s Reserve Corps have extended thier lines and taken up defensive positions on the left flank or F-Cav in an effort to keep elements of the Union 14th Corps from gaining a flank attack on Jay’s Mill. While F-Cav has fixed the main assault divisions of Thomas’ 14th Corps, Armstrong’s A/F Cav moves behind the Confederate line and swings around the exposed left flank of 2 of Thomas’ brigades from the 3 Division, 14th Corps. Both brigades withstand the attack well, and are able to pull back and regroup without much damage. It seems that the rebels like this game of “fixing and flanking” the enemy. The attacking 14th corps are finding themselves on the defensive more than they are on the attack.




USA 0900 – Coming up next!

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